First Reading of Policy Revisions, Additions and Deletions from Policies 4000-4330

Recommended Policy Additions

  • 4217 NEW Effective Communication
  • 4218 NEW Language Access Plan

Recommended Policy Revisions

  • 4000 REVISION Minor changes and incorporation of policy 4010
  • 4020 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4040 REVISION Major Changes. Procedure 4040P. Much of policy is moved into procedural language.   One significant change is that old policy/procedure is the current procedure requires the public records coordinator to prepare and maintain for inspection “current indexes” of several records.   This is required under law not done.  There is a workaround to this requirement.  The board may approve a resolution that declares the maintenance of a current index of all record impracticable and burdensome.  This resolution is presented in action items.
  • 4060 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4210 REVISION Significant revisions that provide expanded clarity.
  • 4215 REVISION Significant Revisions to broaden application to other nicotine products and delivery devices
  • 4220 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4237 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4310 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4314 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4315 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4320 REVISION Integrated language from 4330 on Private and Parochial School and Daycare Agencies

Policy Deletions

  • 4010 DELETE Content incorporated into revision of policy 4000
  • 4050 DELETE Per WSSDA Recommendation.  This falls under ethics rules
  • 4110 DELETE This is a clearly understood authority.  Policy is unnecessary
  • 4120 DELETE This is a clearly understood authority.  Policy is unnecessary
  • 4200 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4230 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4235 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4265 DELETE Unnecessary. We no longer have a Community education program.
  • 4300 DELETE Unnecessary Covered by Collective Bargaining agreements
  • 4301 DELETE Unnecessary Covers subjects of law and board discretion
  • 4330 DELETE Content integrated into 4320
Attached Files:
4000 REV.pdf 119KB application/pdf
4010 DEL.pdf 6KB application/pdf
4020 REV.pdf 117KB application/pdf
4040P REV.pdf 174KB application/pdf
4040 REV.pdf 143KB application/pdf
4050 DEL.pdf 6KB application/pdf
4060 Rev.pdf 8KB application/pdf
4110 DEL.pdf 6KB application/pdf
4120 DEL.pdf 7KB application/pdf
4200 DEL.pdf 116KB application/pdf
4210 REV.pdf 254KB application/pdf
4215 REV.pdf 120KB application/pdf
4217 NEW .pdf 169KB application/pdf
4218 NEW.pdf 162KB application/pdf
4220 REV.pdf 105KB application/pdf
4230 DEL.pdf 6KB application/pdf
4235 DEL.pdf 7KB application/pdf
4237 REV.pdf 8KB application/pdf
4265 DEL.pdf 7KB application/pdf
4300 DEL.pdf 7KB application/pdf
4301 DEL.pdf 105KB application/pdf
4310 REV.pdf 117KB application/pdf
4314 REV.pdf 145KB application/pdf
4315 REV.pdf 110KB application/pdf
4320 REV.pdf 110KB application/pdf
4330 DEL.pdf 7KB application/pdf