Yale Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: March 22, 2017

RE: Monthly Report Yale Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Mudslides and Attendance: Transportation to and from Yale Elementary has been very difficult as a result of a mudslide on Highway 503 that remains in place as of this writing. Both lanes of the roadway are obstructed, making travel lengthy and difficult for some school patrons. KWRL has been in close partnership as we navigate the transportation needs of individual students. Some families cannot absorb the financial cost or time investment of driving long distances to use alternative routes. Since buses cannot get through either, it has required intensive planning to get students to school each day. We have experienced some issues with attendance as a result of this situation, even though each family has been contacted with district-provided options. There is no current estimate for when debris might be removed from the roadway, so we will continue to collaborate closely with families to mitigate the impact of this inconvenience.  

Spring Garden at Yale: Once again there will be a garden at Yale Elementary! The extremely wet weather, as well as low temperatures, have caused a bit of a delay in beginning. However, students and staff are excited to partner with Hillary from School Gardens to make this wonderful experience for students a reality. So much applied learning takes place when children can have experiential educational opportunities, and we are truly grateful for the efforts that bring this program to our students.

Student Behavior Matrix:  Yale Elementary teachers recently adopted a “Student Behavior Matrix” to better guide staff responses to student behavior issues. In addition, new methods of documenting incidents will enable much better data collection and analysis. Collaboration with district personnel, Janice England and Dee Ray, has resulted in conversations that made it evident that more robust systems would be extremely beneficial. Further consideration of school-wide incentive programs, consistent and explicitly communicated expectations for all school environments, and restorative justice methodologies will be a significant part of upcoming school improvement planning. This comprehensive approach to managing the behavior of our learners will set the foundation for increased achievement for all Yale students!