Lewis River Academy Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: March 22, 2017

Re: Lewis River Academy


Upcoming Wednesday Workshops:

This month our Wednesday Workshops include:

March 1st

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day: Don your favorite PJ's, grab your favorite blanket, pillow and book, and join us for Read Across America Day.  Mrs. Retter will read her favorite Dr. Seuss book aloud, and allow time for participants to read and discuss the books they brought. Then we'll make our own oobleck to experiment with, just like in the book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck".

March 8th

Fractions of Food: Fractions and proportions make great sense in cooking.  Come find how to make single portions of recipes to see how fractions are useful and delicious.

March 15th

Workshop - Knights of the Writing Table Build Thy Battlements: Come ye knights and rally 'round to construct essay battlements to resist thine enemy's skeptical arrows. Bring ye thy feather pen, thy persistence and thy sense of humor.  (Translation: How to organize argumentative writing.)

March 22nd

Tomas and the Library Lady Read Aloud: Prepare for our field trip to the play "Tomas & The Library Lady" with a read aloud of the book which inspired it and some fun activities to go along with the story.  The World of Tomas:  What’s it like to live somewhere without speaking the language?  We’ll play a game to see what that’s like in preparation for going to see the play.

Principal’s Math Fact Challenge:

Students of LRA in grades K-8 are participating in an effort to improve their recall of math facts. Each grade level has a proficiency goal they will be working toward this month. In April, those who can demonstrate mastery will celebrate with a Pizza Party with the Principal. 


Last month our teachers learned they were successful in earning a grant to purchase additional science equipment. They sent this attached photo to the retired school employees organization that provided the funding.


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