TEAM Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

Date: March 27, 2016

RE: TEAM High School Update


Our enrollment is still at capacity at the time of this writing.  We have a short waiting list.  We have enrollment dates for the middle of April.  We are losing some students due to the lack of progress.  The state requires alternative schools to dismiss students from the program if they are not making adequate progress.  This does not apply to Woodland High School.  Just another example of alternative schools being treated differently. 


We have several students who have completed all their requirements to be eligible to graduate in June.   We also have several who are just finishing up a class or two and working on their Culminating Project.  The Culminating Project is the same for seniors across the district.  No matter which school a student graduates from (WHS, TEAM or LRA) they are all required to pass the senior portion of the Culminating Project.   


Sarah Gray, WHS counselor, takes her own time to meet with troubled students at TEAM High School.  Some students have depression issues, domestic turmoil or mental deficiencies.  These students have thrived due to her involvement.  We are very grateful for her volunteer assistance and expertise.