Woodland High School Report

To:   Michael Green

From: John Shoup

Date: 03.21.17

Re:  March Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Monday’s: We will do a little of everything this month.  We spent one Monday preparing our staff for the student-led conference expectations, one Monday actually conducting student-led conferences (3/27), and two Monday’s in department collaboration time.  

Other information:  We have now completed three of our five senior make up days.  We have had a variety of staff step up to help including Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Sturdivan, Mr. Uhlenkott, Mrs. Gonzalez-Kelly, Mr. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Keefter, Mrs. Preston and Mr. Blackwelder.  It has been very impressive to see our staff find ways to create relevant learning opportunities for our seniors.  We will be conducting student-led conferences next week as well as the final senior culminating project presentations. Once again, we will be inviting parents for both events which is a great opportunity to engage with parents about their child’s academic progress at Woodland HS.  In spite of the crazy amounts of rain and bad weather we have had recently, our facility is holding up very nicely and it has been very impressive watching our spring sports coaches work together to ensure quality indoor practice time in our spaces when everyone would rather be outside. 

Instagram account: The students who started the @WoodlandHS stars account are getting quite a bit of press.  Channel 12 news did a feature on the students which is being shown quite a bit on regional Fox TV stations.  In addition, I was interviewed live on an AM Radio show last week talking about the students.  Eric Jacobsen has been great to work with to help promote the positive nature of the kids and what they are doing.