Letter from Superintendent about Making Up Snow Days

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Dear Woodland Families:

We have received a number of questions regarding the impact of nine days of weather related school closures on the 2016-2017 school calendar. After thoughtful consideration and weighing of options, we plan to offer school through Friday, June 23rd.

The State of Washington requires school districts to hold school for 180 school days and offer an average of 1027 instructional hours over the course of those 180 days. There is a process by which schools can request a waiver for some of the days lost to weather. Although this may seem like an easy solution, it does not align with the District vision and robs children of valuable learning time.

There are several factors that impact student learning. Among the most impactful is the amount of time students spend engaged in quality instruction and learning.The Woodland Public Schools vision is to ensure that each child has full access to, is engaged in, and obtains an excellent education that prepares them for responsible citizenship and a future of adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors. Shortening the school year limits opportunity for kids.

We do understand that the one week extension of the school year poses a problem for some families who have plans that cannot be changed. If your family is impacted, I encourage you to work with your school principal to pre-arrange any necessary absence for your children.


Michael Green
Superintendent of Schools