Special Services Report

To: Michael Green

From: Deb Kernen

Date: February 22, 2017

Re: March Monthly Special Services Report


This month I thought I would share some things that have been happening in our Partners in Transition Program (PIT).  Our program is always on the hunt for learning and work/volunteer opportunities. Recently the Partners in Transition students toured a program in Vancouver called Second Hand Solutions. This program operates a shelter, food pantry, wedding boutique, antique store, thrift store, day care and a bike shop! This program also provides the tools necessary to become employed and housed independently. One of our students went through their interview process and is working on becoming a volunteer. Currently, our students are placed on work sites throughout our district, community as well as in Vancouver! 

On February 1st, we had a DVR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation) representative come out and speak to our students. She spoke about what adult services DVR can provide them post high school. She also discussed items that they could do now to prepare them for the world of work. Skills such as preparing for interviews, transferable job skills, current references, and advocacy on the job site. 

Another component to our program is community access. Assisting our students to navigate around their community as well as our surrounding areas is essential. Students are learning to give driving directions to staff on the way to their job placements. Some can do this from memory, some use an iPad with google maps and some use printed out directions. As you can imagine, it is VERY interesting receiving directions from our students...let's just say we are used to "recalculating"...Being in charge empowers our young adults, most have never been asked about directions! Since the vast majority of the students will be bus riders, it is so important that they know how to figure out what bus routes they need as well as time needed.

In the past year, we have accessed the CAP van to Vancouver, as well as Longview. To connect the dots on 2/17 they went to the Vancouver Train Station so that they could see an alternative way to travel to desired locations. 

As we look towards spring (hopefully our terrible weather is behind us), they will begin detailing cars for the PIT CREW business.

May 2nd D’Ann will be attending a services open house from 4:00-7:00 at Viewridge Middle School. She will have a table with information about the Partners in Transition program. Since we accept students from our local schools she will be there to answer questions and improve the public's knowledge of our program.