CTE Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: February 22, 2017

Subject: CTE Report

Here are a few of the highlights in CTE at WMS and WHS over the past month:


FBLA Update:

This year's FBLA SW Regional Conference was a success! Even with all the snow days making it difficult to plan and finalize the conference, many judges and advisers stated that this was the best ran SW Regional Conference yet! A total of nine Woodland students placed at regionals an d will be competing at State in April.

FBLA is also partnering with Mark Landry, a sales representative of Maschmedt & Associates. Students are working with the company to create a social media campaign for their outdoor products. 

Marketing Update:

Students are wrapping up their advertising unit and will be touring Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Agency in Portland. They will be relating all content learned in class to real-world examples as well as hear and learn from industry professionals.

Financial Fitness Update:

Students are currently focusing on taxes. Even though many turn to financial services to complete their taxes, it is still important for out students to understand why they are being taxed and how taxes are being calculated. Students are currently completing 1040EZ forms as well as 1040A forms. 

Computer Applications Update:

Below you will find the total certifications for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel:

PowerPoint Certifications: 18

Word Certifications: 14

Excel Certifications: 9

Here are our students that will be advancing to FBLA state:

  • Megan Jones - 1st place in Organizational Leadership
  • Aaron Shaw - 5th place in Intro to Parli Pro
  • Jennifer Cruz-Lopez - 4th place in Graphic Design (team event)
  • Olivia Erickson - 4th place in Graphic Design (team event)
  • Kaleese Fuller - 4th place in Graphic Design (team event)
  • Lea Drees - 5th place in Graphic Design (team event), 4th place in Publications  (team event)
  • Bethany Humbyrd - 5th place in Graphic Design (team event), 4th place in Publications (team event), 5th place in Journalism, 2nd place in Advertising
  • Adam Shaw - 2nd place in Management Decision Making (team event)
  • Trent Snead - 2nd place in Management Decision Making (team event), 3rd place in Client Service, and 3rd place in Public Speaking II

Auto Shop/Welding

Students in welding made pull up bars and dip bars for P.E to be put on the chip trail. Students in auto have been working on engine's and cars transmissions and axles and brakes and tune-up.


Students in Mrs. Vetter’s class have been doing flowers for the taste of jazz, father/daughter dance, and busy working in the greenhouse getting ready for the plant sale. The floral team is studying for their state competition in March.

Medical Science/Biology

Mrs. Warndahl’s HOSA blood drive was a resounding success! Even though it was a late start..we exceeded our goal of 47 pints with 56pints. The students in HOSA were fabulous in running this and our student body was terrific in showing up with wonderful attitudes!

Family and Consumer Science Education

Mrs. Miller’s SkillsUSA students did an awesome job for Regional competition. The final invitations to State competition will be this week, however, all 7 members should be invited because each of them medalled in at least one competition.

Results : 

Preschool Teaching Assistant 

 1st - Stefanee Baker

  3rd - Lidia Valenzuela


 4th - Deja Peterson

 5th - Daphne Mendoza

 6th - Carinda Washburn

Restaurant Service

 1st - Katelyn Paulson

 2nd - Brooke Schimmel

Customer Service

 1st - Carinda Washburn

 2nd - Daphne Mendoza

 3rd -  Lidia Valenzuela

 5th -  Stefanee Baker

Pin Design 

4th - Daphne Mendoza

5th - Deja Peterson

Community Service (team)

1st - Carinda Washburn, Deja Peterson, Stefanee Baker

Job Skill Demo.

2nd - Daphne Mendoza

So Proud of these students and all of the hard work they have put in!

WMS Horticulture

WMS Horticulture has begun the process to construct a 3500 sq ft community garden on campus. This will be run by our new garden club. We are in need of free wood chips. If any one knows a tree service that can drop off their wood chips we would put them to good use.

The garden club had its first meeting with 25 potential members present.

Hydroponics is 70% completed and we hope to be up and running by spring break.

WMS Computer Programming/Lego Robotics

Mr. Britt’s WMS LEGO team is trying to pull everything together for our upcoming State Championship on March 4th.  Some last minute changes to the robot trying and gain an extra 40 points is the team strategy. The team is thinking they need 100 points in the Robot competition to place in the top 75%.  Put that together with a strong showing in the other categories may place them somewhere in the top 4 teams.