WCE Report

To: Michael Green, Superintendent
From: K. Griffin, Community Liaison
For: School Board Meeting 5-26-09

The numbers for classes are still running at an average pace. One of the estate planning classes went well, the second was canceled due to lack of enrollment. Camps numbers are beginning to pick up, soccer and volleyball are the front runners right now but they are also the first two camps to be offered this summer.

Facility use business has been brisk. We are moving into the season for graduations and weddings which always sees a great increase in our equipment rental of tables and chairs. Ron Boswell and I have devised a system for summer use which involves him counting the equipment out and in to insure that we receive the same amount of equipment upon return. This also provides a means to check the condition of the equipment as it is returned. I believe you and I have discussed the need for some type of nominal fee charged for this use if only to shore up the replacement funds for this type of use.

I am still working with the IT section of the County regarding the health card testing. I am wondering if the District wants to continue this process in light of the closure of community education. It will be a difficult task for one person to oversee this testing out of the District office. We do have a signed contract which states that there needs to be two people trained in the administration of the test in case one is absent. There is specific criteria regarding the amount of time we must be open to administer the test. I also received word from CINTAS (see attached) that we did not receive a grant for an AED. The 2009 Safe Schools Coalition will be holding the School Safety Conference in Longview on Thursday, August 13, 2009. The May Safe Schools meeting was primarily on Swine Flu and the dissemination of information to the schools in the County. The general consensus was that it all went pretty well.

The numbers for WCC and YCC are attached for your review. My final day with the District per contact will be Tuesday June 30th.

YCC Report
Here are my current numbers for the board packet.

April 20 - 24 = 21 children ( 5 days)
April 27 - May 1 = 18 children (5 days)
May 4 - 8 = 26 children ( 5 days )
May 11 - 15 = 20 children ( 5 days )
May 18 & 19 = 14 children ( mid-week) (2 days)

I usually have a 4-5 child average per day. Most of the children attend the Good News Club on Monday afternoons at the local church, but now that program has ended for the summer my numbers should pick up on Monday afternoons.

Thank you, Lesley Miller

WCC Report
We have 2 new registrations using WCC full time and 4 NEW paid summer registrations. Our after school numbers have fluctuated from 20 to 35 over the last 4 weeks. Stacy and I will be meeting next week to discuss a possible rate increase as early as summer session. Thanks Missy


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