Yale Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: February 22, 2017

RE: Yale Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Technology: In these first weeks of getting to know some of the priorities of staff at Yale, it is evident that some additional technology is needed in order to most efficiently and effectively deliver the unique instructional model in place. Specifically, the school is in need of more devices as soon as possible. Steve Rippl has assisted in getting some great pricing, and we will be working hard to purchase as many as possible with the building funds that are currently available. This is being supported by the district as well, and that is very appreciated by all.

Resource/Staff Coordination: Staff from Woodland schools have been supporting Yale in many ways for quite some time. This year, WPS instructional coach Pat Jones will begin to add her support to Yale as needed. Her expertise will be a great asset, and we will be exploring opportunities to bring Yale staff to Woodland Primary for joint professional collaboration as common topics are covered. We will continue in the months ahead to build team cohesion among the support staff serving Yale from various buildings.

Celebrating Determination:  Yale “Students of the Month” for December and January had lunch with the principal and instructional coach on February 8th. Aside from being a lot of fun, the most exciting moments were when the children answered questions about what they did to win the award. They each shared that they had been a good friend, had been strong examples to peers, and had kept trying no matter how difficult the academic challenges might be. Kudos to the Yale staff for celebrating these important characteristics, but especially for making sure children know the specific reasons they are being recognized. These young learners have gained so much from their experience, reaching beyond the fun of “winning” an award.