TEAM Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

RE: TEAM High School Update

Date: February 27, 2017 


Audit Results

TEAM High School received the results from the audit and it was very favorable.  We will be getting money back from the state, about $1000.   Our hard work has paid off.  Mary Burnett has been our go-to person at TEAM.  She is terrific.    

State Testing

Our students took the State Tests in early February with mixed results.   Some claimed it was easy while others struggled.  In a couple of months, we will have results.  We are encouraging seniors to consider alternate tests (SAT, ACT) just in case they didn’t pass.    


TEAM High School is currently at capacity.  Many students from Woodland High School transferred at semester.  Several reasons for transferring but the most common was that students were behind in credits.  They plan to get caught up and return prior to graduation.