Woodland Primary School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: February 22, 2017

RE: Monthly Report Woodland Primary School (Grades PreK-1)

“Everyone Belongs at Woodland Primary...and is Loved”: Students and staff have joined together to make an exciting initiative come to life. Woodland Primary is transformed, both visually and in behavior, to be a place that is dedicated to making sure every person feels included and is valued. While that is certainly a goal all of the time, events in recent weeks necessitated a renewed focus on this priority. It is being lived out in so many ways, from classroom discussions to student writing, and in the art that adorns our walls. Our children have really embraced one another in a more profound way, and this is a result of incredible staff energy. This is such a positive and inspiring initiative, and it is going to be exciting to see how it progresses!

Focus on Parent Academic Communication: We know that parents and families are an integral part of student success.  WPS staff have been working diligently to find more ways to connect with guardians about student goals, achievement and how home can support school. This is intended to extend this focus in a meaningful way beyond the conference time twice a year, deepening a very powerful partnership. This is an area of focus for our school, and we are exploring many avenues to facilitate and monitor our success.

Latino Community Outreach: We have experienced some distressing situations at WPS in relation to how some community members have treated our Latino families. After a powerful meeting with our families, we have a deep understanding of the issues, as well as a plan to manage any of these situations should they continue. I am pleased with the connections we have made, and am confident that all of our community members feel safe at WPS. However, the climate outside of our school walls is impacting our attendance, the emotional health of our young people, and the nature of the conversations students engage in. All staff remain extremely sensitive and responsive to these issues, and continue to support our learners to feel safe and continue their learning.