Approve Revisions, Additions, and Deletions of Policy's 3110-3144

Policies 3110-3144 have been reviewed against the recommendations of WSSDA.   Most of the policies below have minor changes such as changes from "shall" to "will" and grammatical or clarity changes.  In some cases, the changes are more significant.  The board will consider two new policies and two deletions of current policies.

3110 Qualifications of Attendance

Minor Changes and Language Cleanup

3114 Part time, home-based or off Campus Students

Minor Changes and Language Cleanup

3115 Homeless Students

Minor Changes and Language Cleanup

3116 Students in Foster Care

New Policy—Reflective of recent laws

3120 Enrollment

Minor Changes

3121 Compulsory Attendance

Recommend Deletion as restatement of statute

3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences

Changes to reflect recent changes in law

3123 Withdrawal prior to graduation

Minor changes

3124 Removal of student

Minor changes

3126 Child Custody

Minor changes

3130 District Attendance Areas

Recommend Deletion.  Irrelevant to WPS

3131 District Attendance Area Transfers

Recommend Deletion Irrelevant to WPS

3140 Release of Resident Students

Minor changes

3141 Non-Resident Students

Significant changes to comply with law

3142 International Exchange Students

Significant changes for clarity

3143 District Notification of Juvenile Offenders

Significant Changes to reflect law

3144 Release of Information Concerning Student Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders

New Policy

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