Approve Revisions and Additions of Selected 3000 Series Policies

Our attorney has reviewed a number of policies and continues to review others to ensure alignment with current laws and clarity of practice.

  • New Policy 3205 and Procedure 3205P (student sexual harassment).

Previously we had a single sexual harassment policy that covered both students and employees.   It is recommended that we have a separate policy for student sexual harassment.

  • Revised Policy 3207 and Procedure 3207P (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying).

Numerous revisions as recommended by attorney

  • Revised Policy 3210 and Procedure 3210P (nondiscrimination).

Numerous revisions as recommended by attorney

  • Revised Policy 3240 (student conduct).

RCW 28A.600.010 and WAC 392-400-225 require the District to adopt, publish, and make available to all students and parents written rules stating with reasonable clarity the types of misconduct for which discipline, suspension, and expulsion may be imposed. The current Procedure 3240P provides little information about student conduct rules. Thus, our attorney suggests overhauling the existing procedure along the lines of an example provided to us so as to provide students with sufficient information about what conduct is prohibited.

Because Procedure 3240P contains rules of student conduct that constitute "exceptional misconduct"-for which suspensions may be imposed for a student's first offense - the conduct rules must be adopted or revised after convening an ad hoc citizen's committee per state regulations. See WAC 392-400-245(2), -260(4). The District has not recently convened such a committee; I will be doing so to gather input on any proposed rules before adopting a revised procedure.

  • Revised Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241P (discipline/corrective action procedures).

Significant changes to this policy are recommended. No significant changes to 3241P.

  • Revised Policy 3413 and Procedure 3413P (immunizations and life-threatening conditions).
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