Consideration of Text Adoptions

Text Adoption Recommendation:

The Text Adoption Committee recommends adoptions of the following books for use at Woodland High School.

Playwriting: Brief and Brilliant by Julie Jensen

As part of the high school advanced drama class, students author a 10-minute play.  This book directly addresses the concerns that a writer would have when writing a play. The material helps students to be successful in developing skills at communicating with an audience. This book is succinct and gets its ideas across clearly and swiftly.  It includes explanations and checklists, making it both thorough and easy to access.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time By Mark Haddon

This book is a mystery with an unusual and important protagonist, a high school age boy who suffers from autism.  There is a lot of creativity in how the story is told, making it conducive for discussion in a creative writing class.  Since the story’s narrator, Christopher, is autistic, the story helps students to gain a perspective different from their own.  Student readers will come to understand something of what it is like to be someone who does not process information and experiences as most of us do.  In the story, they see how confusing the world is for Christopher and how hard it is for him to communicate with the people in his life.  The novel promotes the goal of teaching students to see from multiple perspectives as they get to see from Christopher’s perspective how scary the world can be if you are autistic.  


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we adopt for use in the classroom "Playwriting: Brief and Brilliant" and "The Curious incident of the Dog in the Night-time"

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