Approve Quote for electronic door access system for WPS, WIS, and WMS.


This project installs electronic card key access systems for the Woodland Primary, Intermediate and Middle schools to improve school safety and security. This work installs 14 card key access points, the associated electrical and mechanical hardware to support the installation at three schools. Additional work will include modification of door hardware, installation of controllers, software, proximity card readers, badge printers, cameras and the associated hardware and low voltage infrastructure to operate the system. Follow on work will include blanking and rekeying all remaining exterior doors at the schools rending all current exterior keys useless.  



The fundamental truth of building security is that one misplaced key constitutes a crack in the armor that protects our schools from unwelcome visitors. Over the years numerous master keys have been distributed throughout the Woodland community to contractors, ex-employees, current employee families and others. This presents a substantial risk to the physical security of our schools, buildings, assets and most importantly places our students and staff at potential risk from unauthorized persons.

All of the Woodland schools still depend on keys and locks to enter and exit our facilities. Integrating an electrical building access system coupled with the limitless capabilities of the associated software, provides a virtually unlimited combination of access flexibility and security.

The current key tracking has been lost or so poorly maintained throughout the years that it is impossible to quantify how many rogue master keys are distributed in the community and surrounding area. This presents a clear risk to the physical security of the schools.

While having a key made for each employee is simple and convenient, there is no way to control when a key is used, when a key is copied, and as a result, to whom a copy is given. Copies of keys may end up with people who shouldn’t have access to our schools. If someone leaves the school, there is a risk that they still have access to our buildings using their key or a copy. Over time it is possible a school may suffer an extensive loss of security through keys issued to unauthorized users. Electronic access control is a robust way to add security to the District. It doesn’t require keys, eliminating the risk of unauthorized copies ending up in the hands of people who shouldn’t have access to our campuses.

The electronic card access system will allow district administrators an unparalleled degree of control. From a computer program, the administrator can control who can go where at what time. These systems provide a log of when and where certain cards are used, as well as where someone attempted to use them.

In the future, some parts of campus may require even more security. Additional layers of security, such as keypads and personal identification numbers (PINS) can be added to further tighten security such as users passing on an access-control card to an unauthorized user.

A lost or stolen card is not detrimental to security as a misplaced key can be. Electronic key cards can be cancelled instantly with a few key strokes, telling the system to reject the access attempt if the card is presented.

Every person visiting District 404 will be required to show identification and then issued a visitor's proximity card with specific access limitations before proceeding to his or her destination.

Upon the completion of the system installation, all external doors will be rekeyed or blanked off to establish a hardened exterior. All exterior access will be through the prescribed locations and controlled by the access system.

Management controls the electronic card access system, granting employees certain privileges at specific locations. The system only allows that person into a specific door at a predetermined time.

Furthermore, when someone leaves our organization, we no longer need to re-key or change the lock on every door. People leaving the organization have their access privileges suspended from the system electronically.

The access proximity cards will have the employee’s photo, the school logo, and work title. This additional labeling on the card worn with a lanyard or clip will identify school occupants, and provide quick identification for students and first responders when necessary.

Proposed System

The District is ready to adopt a campus wide system for keyless access control. The keyless access-control system chosen by the District is presented by Tyco Integrated Security. Attributes of the system include the following features.

  • Ability to manage people who are coming through our campus
  • Simplifies and reduces cost for Facilities Use patrons
  • Tracks user information in detail including time, date , door, campus
  • Ex-employees can be deprogrammed within a few seconds rendering their card useless
  • Contractors working off hours can have access with time managed by software
  • Lost keys can easily be deprogrammed
  • Duel factor authentication is available via keypad or PIN
  • Integration with video systems is available
  • Floor plans to integrate cameras and access events can be integrated
  • Historical access logs are kept in the system indefinitely for recall
  • Allows limited access to volunteer’s, patrons including time, date, area and door and campus
  • Smart phone access can be integrated into the system for remote control
  • Doors will alarm if they are left open greater than the programmed time
  • Visitor badges can be batch produced for specific day/time/campus/doors
  • Custom programming allows only authorized patron to specific areas and excludes them from areas they have no business in
  • The system can send alerts to a supervisor if someone has attempted to gain entry using a canceled card
  • Certain areas can be coupled with surveillance cameras where there is more risk

Supplier:                      Tyco Integrated Security

Cost:                            $48,093

Schools protected:      WPS, WIS, WMS

Access points              2, 3 and 9 (respectively)

Permits:                      Included

Smartphone access:   Yes

Access type:                Proximity card

Hardware:                   Hess and others

Printer:                        HID Fargo DTC4250e Dual-Sided Printer

Camera:                      ID-DIGCAM Logitech QuickCam Automatic Face-tracking

Software:                    Kantech EntraPass, Corporate Addition

Training:                      Included

Warranty:                    1 year parts/labor/travel

Installation time:        6-8 weeks after PO

Terms:                         25% at PO 75% at system acceptance


Smart phone features

  • Remote add/delete capability
  • Pulse doors for allowing remote access
  • Suspension of schedules (snow day)
  • Run reports
  • Mobil credentials


Software features  

  • Gain access to doors with a one-time unlock command using the EntraPass Go Pass mobile app
  • Supports up to 20 workstations and controls hundreds of thousands of doors
  • Import/synchronize EntraPass operators and users with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized management
  • Automatically log into EntraPass with Windows credentials using Single Sign On in Microsoft Active Directory
  • Embedded Sybase SQL database engine
  • Integrates with EntraPass Go mobile app for security on the go
  • Integrates EntraPass Web (remote user platform) to manage access control, IP video, telephone entry and/or intrusion security assets
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent logins of EntraPass Web and/or EntraPass Go
  • Integrates with Exacq-video management systems, American Dynamics DVRs/NVRs (VideoEdge, HDVR, ADTVR and Intellex), INTEVO integrated security platform and DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels
  • Double and triple swipe card at reader (with KT-400 controller) to activate such features as: activate relay, arm alarm system and lock/unlock doors
  • Auto Updater automatically updates clients/workstations when server is updated
  • Integrates with ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless locks for integrated and management lock solution



Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve the quote for electronic access systems as presented"