Woodland Public Schools will not allow any persons dressing up as clowns on ANY school facilities.

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An internet/social media rumor that started in August in South Carolina has made its way into Clark and Cowlitz Counties. The rumor is that people dressed as clowns will be coming to local schools to do harm to students. Similar stories have been reported in across the country, and now in the Pacific Northwest. These are all the result of people reposting or sharing previous posts, and/or specifically creating false social media profiles in order to post copy-cat messages to scare people. Four teenagers in New Jersey have recently been arrested in conjunction with purposefully posting clown threats to create fear.

Police in various jurisdictions around the country, as well as here in Woodland and Clark and Cowlitz Counties, have been unable to confirm “clown sightings” or legitimate threats to any schools. If you come across posts such as these, or hear people saying the threats are meant for one or more of our schools in Woodland, please do not be alarmed as they are most likely not truthful. If we become aware of any specific threats for which there are facts or evidence to support them, we will alert you right away.

Our school teams, as well as Woodland Police and the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Department, and similar teams in our neighboring school districts, are coordinating and sharing information. You can help by not sharing these rumors, providing the facts if you hear people talking about rumors, and easing fears of students who may be concerned about the threats.

In light of these reports, Woodland Public Schools will not allow any persons dressing up as clowns onto ANY school facility or to ANY school-sponsored events. Persons dressing up as clowns will be contacted by school personnel and law enforcement and escorted off-property. If students decide to come to school dressed as clowns, they will be contacted by school administration.

District staff and the Woodland Police Department continue to monitor the situation and again ask that any sightings or suspicious behavior be reported to WPD Dispatch at (360) 225-8981.