Administrative Recommendation for Reduced Educational Program

The approved legislative budget, it turns out, is far worse than for Woodland Public Schools than was anticipated from study of the original legislative budgets.  Our bottom line is that we anticipate having to reduce from current program about 1.33 million dollars.   I have detailed this estimate on attached documents.

Based on this estimate the administrative team has gone through the very difficult task of identifying program reductions equal to the estimated revenue shortfall.  Those recommendations are part of the attached document.

 The process of making these recommendations to the board has been difficult and painful for each of us, as we recognize that each and every recommendation will have an impact on the students, staff, and parents of Woodland Public Schools.  We wish it weren’t so.  But it is.


As we are still working to refine the recommendaiton, and will likely continue that refinement through Monday we will not be publicly releasing the information in the attached document until it is finalized, and no longer a "Draft"


 Final adjustments to the document have been made.  Final document is now publicly accessible

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