Approval of acquisition of Samsara GPS System for KWRL fleet

The KWRL Superintendents asked that Shannon Barnett investigate the options for installing GPS tracking of buses in the fleet.  Shannon investigated and evaluated six different providers of GPS systems and is recommending Samsara as the product that he recommends acquiring.     Attached are details on the various options.   Policy and law require that capital purchases this large be approved by the board.   In order to have the systems installed prior to the beginning of the school year a PO has been let for the work but we still need formal approval by the board.


GPS will allow for active fleet monitoring and serves its primary purpose in increasing the quality of communication regarding pupil transportation to parents and students.   Samsara's product is simultaneously superior and cheaper than other providers and is recommended by KWRL Director Shannon Barnett







Attached Files:
GPS Vendor Comps and Pricing.pdf 168KB application/pdf