Annual Survey of Staff Data

In order to provide data that will help us improve all of our schools, we have implemented a program of annual staff perception surveys.

Attached are two reports and an informational Sheet.

  1. The Item Level Comparison Report looks at each question on the survey
  2. The Index Report looks at categories of questions compiled together.
  3. The Index definitions document provides information that shows what items were grouped for the index report.


On both of the reports, there are several columns.   The data are sorted by respondent category, Teachers, Ed Specialists (Librarians, School Psychs, Counselors, Nurses, etc.), Aides (Paraprofessionals and Program Specialists), Support (Custodians, Secretaries, etc).  The last column is the combined score of all respondents.

For each respondent category, there are three columns: The calculated average score, the comparison, and the variance.

  • The average score is a calculation based on responses.  A high number indicates a positive response to the question and a low number a negative response.
  • The comparison column provides data gleaned from staff surveys administered to demographically similar schools.
  • The variance column provides data on how Woodland responses compare to the demographically similar schools.  A variance of less than .2 is considered statistically non-significant.   Results that are greater than or less than .2 from the comparison are highlighted.  Green indicates a more positive response, Red indicates a more negative response.

Moving forward, the plan is to utilize this data to continuously improve the culture and climate in our school buildings.   We expect to administer this survey annually.