TEAM Report

To:          Michael Green
From:     Dan Uhlenkott
Date:      March 7, 2016
RE:         TEAM High School Update


March 15-17 TEAM students who are seniors will be taking the Reading and Writing HSPE.   The Class of 2016 is the last class eligible to take this state required test.  Starting with the Class of 2017 the state is requiring students to pass the English Language Arts State Exam. 

Jillian Jacobs, our new teacher at TEAM High School is adjusting to our alternative school and the paperwork associated with it.   She seems to have a firm grasp of building relationships with students and then educating them to achieve their potential.  A bit of a culture shock coming from California but is comfortable working with our staff and students.  

As some of the board members are new or returning here is a brief update on our staff.  Mary Burnett is our para-professional who keeps track of student progress, attendance, filing, answering phone calls, etc.  Liz Vallaire is our science and math teacher.  As a teacher she has a caseload of students that she is responsible to document their academic progress weekly and monthly.  Contacting parents on a regular basis is also required.  Jillian Jacobs is our new teacher that specializes in English and is working on her social studies requirement.   She, like Liz, is responsible for her caseload and other items just like Liz.  All three staff constantly help students who are struggling academically and domestically.  Our staff is solid at TEAM High School as all three care about students and help the students in a variety of ways.