Woodland High School Report

To:      Michael Green

From:  John Shoup

Date:   March 5, 2016

RE:      Woodland High School Report

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

Mondays:  We had three Mondays this month for staff development time. Two of the three Mondays were used to continue our work within our departments.  There was quite a bit of different conversations going on during this time, including the move to the new science standards for our science teachers, and our math teachers and English teachers working on the new Washington State learning standards.  We also used the other Monday for a variety of items, including watching and discussing this short 18 minute video clip.  It was pretty inspiring and was used to frame a discussion around our advisory time.

Curriculum Handbook: There was quite a bit of work this month preparing our curriculum handbook for course offerings for the 2016-2017 school year.  It seems that literally everyone is involved in this project, but it is critically important as it will culminate in the development of our master schedule for next year.  Thanks to Tish and our counselors for their excellent leadership in this area.  

Other information:  We added a new long term substitute for Mrs. Miller this month.  We are pleased to have Mrs. Amanda Burton taking over the teaching responsibilities for Mrs. Miller while she is on leave.     Also, I would like to mention the wonderful “Taste of Jazz” event which Brent LiaBraaten organized.  This event had performance by both our band and choir groups as well as having the food catered by Kim Miller’s students and the floral arrangements prepared by Mrs. Vetter. 

In preview, many of our seniors will be making their final culminating project presentations during the last week of March.   As we prepare students for student led conferences and registration, we took many of our sophomores to the Skill Center for a preview at the end of the month. Mr. Kochis was in charge of this field trip and the registering of our kids for Skills Center. He, along with Ms. Gray also began the process of working with the middle school to schedule students for next year.