Woodland Intermediate School Report

To:       Michael Green
From:  Steven Carney
Date:   March 7, 2016
RE:       Monthly Report Woodland Intermediate School (Grades 2-4)

K-4 Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create a K-4 system that inspires a passion for learning and guarantees that all our students learn and achieve at high levels.

Our mission is to provide a superior education by aligning our actions that model a relentless focus on learning with an unwavering belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.


During the week of February 22nd, all teachers met with school leadership to look at student learning data and discuss student learning and achievement.  Over 80% of all students have and continue to meet weekly student learning goals as measured by teacher and curriculum developed common assessments. The 20% still needing to master the learning participate in intervention that is provided daily by each grade level team.  In addition, teachers shared their excitement towards the focus on student learning the weekly team collaboration provides.  Most of the  teacher comments collected are similar to the following:

  • “I have never felt so focused in my entire career in education.”
  • “This has been hard work, but it has been the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.  My students are mastering standards.  They are learning.”
  • “I can’t imagine working any other way.”  “My students are learning so much more than I ever expected.”


We decided to partner with Playworks, a national non-profit, to ensure that we are doing our best to incorporate healthy, inclusive play into our school day, every day, for every student.  Playworks will help equip our staff and community with the tools needed to create a positive recess experience for every one of our students.  By shifting behavior on the playground, we expect to see more positive student engagement, more fun play opportunities and reduced negative episodes so that our students can return to the classroom ready to learn. Our recess team will use a brand of games designed to promote inclusion.  Additionally, our team will apply new group management techniques to teach students how to play well together, resolve conflicts, and develop leadership skills.  Playworks trainers will return to our school to observe recess and give us feedback so that we can have the best possible recess for our students.

Character Trait of the Month

Last month students were recognized at a special assembly for their exemplary display of Friendship, the character trait of the month for February.  The character trait of the month for March is Integrity.