Resolution 16-01 Adoption of 2015-2021 Capital Facilities Plan

Marni Allen of ESD will present for Adopiton the 2015-2021 Capital Facilities Plan

The Washington State Growth Management Act (the “GMA”) includes schools in the category of public facilities and services. Woodland School District is required by the City of Woodland to adopt a Capital Facilities Plan at least every four years to satisfy the requirements of the GMA and to identify additional school facilities necessary to meet the educational needs of projected enrollment growth for a six-year period. The Woodland School District (“District”) has prepared the 2015 Capital Facilities Plan to provide the City of Woodland and Clark County with a schedule and financing program for capital improvements over the next six years (October 1, 2015 through October 1, 2021) to maintain a 6-year adoption cycle. The 2015 CFP includes the following elements:

  • The District’s standard of service (Section 2)
  • An inventory of existing capital facilities owned by the District, including functional capacities and
  • locations (Section 3)
  • Future enrollment projections for each grade span (elementary, middle, and high schools) (Section 4)
  • A forecast of future needs for capital facilities and school sites, including proposed capacities of expanded or new capital facilities and a six-year plan for financing capital facilities within projected funding capacities, which identifies sources of money for such purposes. The financing plan separates projects and portions of projects which add capacity from those which do not, since the latter are generally not appropriate for impact fee funding (Section 5)
  • A calculation of impact fees based on the formula in the Cities and County impact fee ordinances and supporting data substantiating such fees (Section 6)
Attached Files:
2015-2021 CFP.pdf 111KB application/pdf
Board Resolution to Adopt 2015-2021 CFP.pdf 91KB application/pdf
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