Revisions to Procedure 2410P


One of the superintendent's responsibilities is to draft and revise procedures that implements policy. This responsibility is granted me in policy 1310:


Administrative Procedures


The superintendent will develop such administrative procedures as are necessary to ensure consistent implementation of policies adopted by the board.  These procedures will be included with the policy manual.


When a written procedure is developed, the superintendent will submit it to the board as an information item. Such procedures need not be approved by the board, though the board may request a revision when it appears that they are not consistent with the board's intentions as expressed in its policies. Procedures need not be reviewed by the board prior to their issuance, however, on controversial topics, the superintendent may request prior board consultation.

From time to time a procedure will be presented to the board, either with a policy, or, if the policy needs no revision, alone.


WHS Principal John Shoup has requested a revision to procedure 2410 that clarifies the granting of credit for demonstrated knowledge and performance and the waiving of fitness credit requirements for students who participate in athletics.


This procedure is submitted as information.  No action is necessary. 

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