How it Works

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Parents or guardians have the support of Washington State Certified teachers who partner with them to design a student learning plan to help guide and ensure student success. If your child has specialized learning needs, we offer local access to special services offered by trained providers to assess and address the learning needs of your child.

Because we are located here in your community, we are able to provide opportunities for student-­to-­student and student-­to-­teacher interactions. These learning activities include field trips, literature circles, collaborative science labs and more. Through the Lewis River Academy your child can have access to specialized courses provided by the district through co-enrollment. To find our more about this option, contact one of our representatives.

Instructional Materials

Instructional materials made available through Lewis River Academy are exceptional and engaging; covering both the core subject areas and electives. All the textbooks and instructional materials are delivered right to the family's doorstep-­including books, CDs, and even materials for science labs.

K-8 Program

LRA's comprehensive K-8 program provides young minds with a learning environment like no other. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching and support, a strong community, and special services into powerful, effective schooling.

Dynamic Curriculum

We offer over the core courses: Language Arts/English, History, Math, Science, and PE. These are developed from the ground up with rich, challenging and engaging content, designed specifically for online delivery and individualized learning.

It's not all "online": You'll also receive boxes of traditional materials, including award-winning textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on materials that complement online learning. The combination of interactive online lessons with offline materials cater to varied learning styles, allowing the widest variety of students the opportunity to master lesson objectives.

High School Program

We offer courses necessary to graduate with a high school diploma as well as co-enrollment at Woodland High School in some elective courses. Student can participate in programs at Clark County Skills Center and Running Start with Clark College and Lower Columbia College.

Differentiated Instruction

Digital curriculum from Apex Learning makes it possible to individualize instruction to address diverse student needs. Students can progress at their own pace, taking as much — or as little — time as necessary to master the material. Direct instruction incorporates multimedia — in the form of images, audio, video, animations, and interactive elements — along with instructional text to provide students with multiple representations of concepts as well as address their different learning styles. Formative assessments help students to gauge their understanding and improve performance, while summative assessments chart progress and skill development. Unit-level diagnostics allow students to move quickly over material they have previously mastered.

Multiple Course Pathways

Apex Learning digital curriculum is designed to support academic success for all students, including those who have not been successful in traditional programs. Foundations courses meet the needs of students who are not prepared for grade-level academic challenges and need to develop basic skills in math, reading, and writing before tackling high school academic courses. Literacy Advantage courses integrate literacy scaffolding to support below-proficient readers in mastering required content in high school math, science, English, and social studies courses. Apex Learning Core courses meet the needs of a range of students as they endeavor to master rigorous content and earn credits toward graduation.

Advanced Placement Courses

Lewis River Academy offers co-enrollment at Woodland High School for Advanced Placement courses.