WHS Change Order #31

Change Order #31 for the WHS project is presented for approval.   This change order includes the following changes:


CCD 156 Stain Concrete Wall:  This was for the front, vertical surface of the stage in the commons.  The original surface was grey concrete.  This add blended the color with the floor.


CCD 159 Added Irrigation at the front lawn:  When the irrigation was initally started there were areas in the front of the school, on the SE side of the building that were not getting adequatedly watered.  The add of a line solved this problem.


COR 396 Added Irrigation per the Punch List:  Same as CCD 159 for other areas, less signifcant than in the SE corner.


COR 399 Credit for Ladder up post:  Above the press box in the stadium is a ladder that acces the roof.  The ladder was moved to a different location, eliminating the need for the safety post originally designed.  




Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve WHS Change Order number 31 as presented"

Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 031 for signatures - 151120.pdf 47KB application/pdf