Director of Facilities and Safety

Date: November 19th, 2015
To: Michael Green
From: Scott Landrigan
Subject: Facilities Report


High School Punch List

With the start of weekly meetings between the district, Skanska, ESD112 and Mcgranahan’s we appear

to be getting some traction on many of the punch list items. Still of major concern are the chronic

problems with the Cleveland Combi-ovens in the HS kitchen. After numerous failed attempts to correct

these ovens, we are now pursuing a warranty replacement of this equipment. This presents significant

challenges and frustration for the kitchen crew as these are the primary ovens for the kitchen. To

further complicate the kitchen issues, there has recently been reports of intermittent natural gas odors

in the kitchen area. Cascade Natural gas has been dispatched twice to the campus but has not been able

to find a leak. I have requested Skanska to check the air balance and exhaust systems in the kitchen and

to examine the design of the boiler exhaust location verses fresh air intake for the kitchen which could

also be a source of the gas fumes.


Healthy Kids-Healthy Schools Grant

Tegan has been doing a great job completing the application for the Healthy Kids –Healthy Schools

grant. The deadline on this application is February 19, 2016. Schools can get up to $200,000 for water

fill stations and playground equipment that a couple of our schools desperately need. The Washington

legislature appropriated $5 million dollars in the 2015–17 capital budget for this program. The grant

funds improvements or renovations to existing buildings, site improvements, and the purchase and

installation of new or renovated equipment.

Applications are submitted by the district and may include requests for multiple schools in multiple

categories. The minimum district request is $2,500. Grant awards are limited to $200,000 per district. A

maximum of $1 million will be granted for water bottle filling stations; only one station per school will

be funded.

Emergency Action Plan Review

Over the next month, my intentions are to review the emergency action plans at each campus and

schedule a regular review. I was able to attend the planning workshop at ESD 112 championed by OSPI.

There were some outstanding planning and execution strategies discussed that I will deliver to each


Department Communication Meeting

This month’s department communication meeting will focus in four specific areas.

  • Utility Isolations - The team will review isolations for natural gas, city water, fire sprinklers,

electrical isolations and air handling equipment. It is imperative that the maintenance and

custodial staff be well versed in effectively isolating utilities in the event of any catastrophic


  • Safe Schools – Fire Safety This will include a review of fire training, extinguishing agents and with

the fire department concurrence, live fire extinguisher training.

  • AESOP Training - As I am trying to move to a paperless system, some of the employees do not

understand how to access and use AESOP system.

  • Raising the Bar (Again) - One of the key focus points I discussed in last month’s report was

“raising the bar” on what is acceptable performance for the school district employees. This has

been one of my greatest challenges for the team and is a drastic culture change. Every training

event I will reinforce this concept with the team.