WHS Change Order #30

Change Order 30 is the final reconciliation for the claims made by Skanska during construction.  These claims were settled during a meeting with Michael Green, Mike Doran with Skanska and Kelley Wilson with CSG/ESD112 on  September 2, 2015. 

The first amount, $45,000, compensates Skanska for the sixteen Change Order Requests,totaling $178,655, which were denied by the district at the time of submission.  After much discussion regarding the circumstances and details of each change the district offered $45,000 to settle all of the outstanding requests and this amount was accepted by Skanska.

The second amount, a credit to the district for ($208,979.00) is the exact amount to which the district was entitled for reimbursement for the Allowances/Unit Cost totals for earthwork as included in Skanska’s bid.  Skanska claimed a bid error regarding the unit costs and contended the credit amount should be $107,670.15.  During the meeting the district reiterated their position that they could not legally reimburse the contractor for bid errors and the matter was settled.

Attached Files:
Change Order Proposal Log-Sort by Status 8-21-15.pdf 73KB application/pdf
Unit Cost-Allowance calc for COR 106.pdf 262KB application/pdf
WHS - Change Order 030 for signatures - 151022.pdf 39KB application/pdf