KWRL Agreement Discussion


In 2012, all four districts of the KWRL Pupil Transportaiton Cooperative approved a joint resolution.  The Ridgefield board was reluctant to approve the resolution because of the last "Whereas" paragraph, hsaring responsiblity for cleanup of the existing site. Jim Bays and Michael Green met with then Ridgefield Superintendent Art Edgerly and Board President Juilie Olson.   We discussed the history of KWRL and the interest of the Woodland board in having assurance that Ridgefield would not shirk their responsibility to the Cooperative if we were going to contribute to the remodel of KWRL and the addition of the Paradise Point facility (the first of those two never occured). Subsequent to that meeting the Ridegefield board approved the resolution.

In 2013, Woodland requested inclusion of the text from the joint resolution into the cooperative agreement so it would be preserved into the future.  LaCenter, Kalama, and Woodland all approved the change.  Ridgefield did not.   At the 2014 State of KWRL meeting this issue was addressed and all parties left the meeting believing the Ridgefield would approve the revision to the Cooperative agreement.  They did not.

Next week is the annual meeting and Director Bays and Director Watts are seeking direction from the board on how to proceed.



Attached Files:
KWRL Agreement (2014 Redline).pdf 108KB application/pdf
KWRL Joint Resolution (Revised 120207).pdf 80KB application/pdf