Minutes Regular Meeting October 12, 2015


October 12, 2015 5:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Janice Watts, Jim Bays, Tina Cayton, Matt Donald, Steve Matson, Michael Green-Board Secretary and Vicky Barnes-Recording Secretary



Asha Riley, Deb Kernen, Jake Hall, John Shoup, Dan Uhlenkott, Steve Carney, Nalean Warndahl, Sarah Gray, Stacy Brown, Judy Whalen, Nick Massey, Kent Belikka, Tony Peterson



Superintendent Michael Green swore in Steve Madsen who was appointed to the office of Director of Woodland School District.




There were no citizen comments on non-agenda items.  



Director Tina Cayton, moved to approve the September 28, 2015 regular meeting minutes, October 5, 2015 special meeting minutes and the October 8, 2015 special meeting minutes.


Janice Watts - yes

Jim Bays - yes

Tina Cayton - yes

Matt Donald - yes

Steve Madsen - abstain



Student Report

Student Representative Taylor Vossen reported Homecoming week was a success ending with a win at the football game against Washougal. Grace Adams was crowned homecoming queen. She had talked with students about foods they would like to see added to the school’s menu and reported fresh fruit cups were requested.


Other Reports

Director Tina Cayton said it was great to see the CTE report.



Superintendent Michael Green said he was glad to have Steve Madsen back on board. He invited the board to attend the WQCC (Woodland Quality Community Coalition) on November 4, 2015 in the high school commons at 6:00 p.m. He also reminded the board of a KWRL meeting on October 29, 2015 at Paradise Point. Director Bays and President Watts are planning to attend.   

Mr. Green reassured the board that open projects were being worked and are close to completion. Lastly, he let the board know that a School Board Calendar had been shared with them in an effort for more communication, and if they would like less or more permission to contact Vicky Barnes.



There was no correspondence.



Director Tina Cayton asked if there was a way to link what was shown on the consent agenda for Procurement Cards for ease in comparing. Superintendent Michael Green said it would take many additional hours to scan the information in and link it, there was nothing in the program that is built in and that timing of documents being submitted could be a problem.  Mr. Green agreed to try to work to see if there was a way to provide additional information to help the board understand the expenditures.


Director Jim Bays asked about how Board Briefs were coming along, Michael said he will be meeting with Eric Jacobson and Vicky Barnes tomorrow morning to finalize format and content.


Matt Donald said he wanted to give two thumbs up to John Shoup for his response to concerns expressed on social media.



2015 State Assessment Results

Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley did a presentation on the Woodland student results on the Smarter-Balanced Assessment (SBA) from the school year 2014-2015. She went over the data which showed the results by grade. She noted that the intensive work done in math is reflected in the higher scores and that the district recently adopted a Common Core aligned English & Language Arts (ELA) curriculum and we anticipate those scores going up as well. She explained that there is often an implementation dip associated with any new curriculum but that over time we anticipate improvement. There was discussion amongst the board on the ability to compare data within cohorts to get a more accurate view. Mrs. Riley explained since this is a first year with this assessment and results cannot be compared accurately with MSP/HSPE results comparisons are not available.  In future years we will have that data to compare. Superintendent Green highlighted that unlike previous state assessments such as the HSPE, MSP, and WASL, the SBA offers interim assessments allowing for progress data at key points prior to the comprehensive assessment administration.



Director Matt Donald moved to approve the consent agenda.

Janice Watts - yes

Jim Bays - yes

Tina Cayton - yes

Matt Donald - yes

Steve Madsen – yes



Curriculum Adoption— “Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent pregnancy, STD, and HIV”

Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley outlined the new sex education curriculum which was piloted at Woodland High School entitled “Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STDs and HIV.” and is proposed for adoption. Her  presentation included content of the curriculum and its measurable impact on behavior of students.

Sarah Gray, a counselor at Woodland High School, presented preliminary data that had been collected from surveys the students completed at the beginning and at the end of the course. The school will continue to collect impact data and will have more data available later. She noted the exit survey data showed a positive response on the course and the programs positive impact on student decisions.

Nelean Warndahl, who was a part of the team that selected the course from a catalog of options by Health Teacher for Woodland High School, presented from a teacher’s perspective. She said students reported positive experiences from the class. Warndahl discussed the course with the board, highlighting that students brought up a lot of great questions and participated in excellent discussions. Students received at-home assignments involving their parents. Warndahl received positive feedback from parents, who were very appreciative of the conversations the assignments sparked with their kids.

The board discussed the specifics of the curriculum and Director Jim Bays asked if it truly emphasized abstinence. Nalean said abstinence is woven throughout each topic and is taught as the only 100% effective form of birth control.  The program offers students practice in refusal skills as well as medically accurate information about birth control, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted disease.  Director Steve Madsen wondered if we were starting too late with this curriculum, or whether we should be addressing these issues with middle school aged students.

Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley said that Woodland Public Schools received a $10,000 grant from Washington State as part of a pilot program for introducing new sex education courses for student health and would be looking into possibly using that to look at possible age appropriate curriculum for other grades. Director Matt Donald requested that President Watts open the discussion up to the audience for questions or comments, which she did.

Nick Massey said his concern stems from a time 16 years ago when a staff member showed unapproved materials and left parents out of the process. He said his concern was that parents may not be adequately engaged. He stated he was not against the curriculum and he trusted the board but wanted the opportunity, as a parent and community member to be part of it. Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley explained weeks prior to the class, a permission letter was sent home requiring parental signature for student participation which also invited parents to review the curriculum prior to the class. In addition, students were offered opportunities throughout the class to opt-out of participating in sections that made them feel uncomfortable. She also indicated that parents would have access to the curriculum if they desire. Tony Peterson said there had been some confusion on the part of parents because there are 16 lessons but the letter broke it into 4. Nalean explained the 4 sections in the letter represented the key topics.

The Board had further discussion and Director Jim Bays asked if one of the assignments was to go to a store with the parents to price contraceptives and asked if visiting a clinic was part of the assignment. Nalean said that pricing birth control was one of the at home assignments given to the students but they did not do the suggested field trip to a clinic.

Director Jim Bays wondered if the letters could be mailed home instead of sent with the student. Mrs. Warndahl clarified that parents had to sign the letter indicating receipt and approval.  The received a 100% response rate.  Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley said she could look into other ways to communicate with parents.

Director Matt Donald asked if all web-based video’s had to be put through a committee for approval. Nalean said yes and teachers also received special training from Cardia, a company working with the State’s Health Department, to prepare for the class and had to sign they would not deviate from the lessons.

Director Tina Cayton moved to approve the curriculum, “Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STDs and HIV.”

Janice Watts - yes

Jim Bays - yes

Tina Cayton - yes

Matt Donald - yes

Steve Madsen - yes

Capital Projects Fund Voucher 6434

 Voucher 6434 for services rendered by McGranahan Architects was presented for approval for payment. 

Director Matt Donald moved to approve voucher 6434 for payment.

Janice Watts - yes

Jim Bays - yes

Tina Cayton - yes

Matt Donald - yes

Steve Madsen - yes



President, Janice Watts, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 6:10 p.m.


Secretary to the Board








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