Financial/Enrollment Report

Date: October 24, 2015

To: Michael Green, Superintendent

Subject: October Enrollment Report

From: Stacy Brown, Director of Business Services


This is the time of year my office lovingly calls Septovember! My office has been busy working on

payroll, benefits, free and reduced lunch applications, new employees, financial statements and a whole

bevy of other tasks. I have not had time to properly complete the August month-end close for the

meeting. I will present the Year-End Financial Statements for 14-15, as well as the September and

October financial reports during the second November board meeting. I will include projected revenues

and expenditures beginning in December 2015.

The enrollment spreadsheets are attached, with summaries by headcount for October and a comparison

of budgeted FTE to actual average FTE. We are up 56.14 FTE from last year, but due to conservative

budgeting, the average FTE is 103.97 greater than budget. We were up 117.33 over budget in October. I

will continue to keep you apprised each month and will let you know how this affects the district

projections starting in December.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Attached Files:
Headcount Review.pdf 78KB application/pdf