Director of Facilities and Safety Report

Date: October 21, 2015

To Michael Green

From: Scott Landrigan


Campus inspections

A walk thru was completed at each campus with the Principals and VP’s to identify safety, quality and

other material conditions at each school. An impressive list of over 350 items was generated.  In

conjunction with this an inspection was done in the mechanical and electrical rooms of each school with

another equally impressive list of findings. The findings ranged from bare exposed electrical conductors,

to the flag pole paint. Obvious immediate safety concerns were addressed at once (such as the bare

wire) and the balance of the items will be prioritized and completed as time and financial budgets allow.

One of the greatest challenges continues to be a lack of resources to complete the repairs.   With one

maintenance technician, it is a slow and tedious task. While we are trying to address these issues, a

constant stream of work orders are being generated on a daily basis to support day to day operations as

well. Couple this with the balance of the project work from this last summer and it’s not hard to

understand the slow pace.

Team communication meetings

This week starts the first of many regularly scheduled communication and training meetings for the

facilities team. Communication has been essentially absent from this department and the regular

meeting is being well received by the department. Our kick off meeting will touch on several key items

where I believe the team is falling short.  The first meeting will include:

  • My initial observations
  • Establishing mission statement/ team goals
  • Our presence as employees of a school
  • Safety physical/occupational
  • Quality measures
  • Raising the bar (material condition)
  • Administrative issues
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Integrity
  • Building safety isolations
  • Customer service
  • Organization /cleanliness

One of the key focus points moving forward for the maintenance and custodial teams are to “raise the

bar” on what is acceptable for the school district.  I feel this is an area we as a team are seriously

deficient. Every aspect of our operation has to ratchet up to provide the teachers, staff and community

facilities they can be proud of.

WHS Punch list

It has been very frustrating for the team dealing with the slow pace of resolution for the punch list and

warranty list items at the high school. Two major areas of concern are the AV systems and kitchen

equipment. The current list has 84 items and is growing instead of shrinking. We are struggling to get

reasonable response to items identified shortly after the grand opening. Most of the long lingering items

are due to multiple subcontractors being involved in single systems. To help drive some of these issues

to completion I have asked Skanska to meet weekly to go through all of the outstanding punch list items

so we can get improved traction on the remaining items.

Physical Security

Much work has been done to create a secure campus for the students and staff of the Woodland

Schools. Building security has been hardened and access is controlled to the offices during school hours

for each campus. One major hole in the system is the height of the fences at the Primary and

intermediate schools. The perimeter fencing for these schools is only 4 feet tall, quite an easy hurtle

(even for me). I’m currently getting competitive bids from fencing companies to raise the height to 8

feet in all locations.