Woodland High School Report

To: Michael Green
From: John Shoup
CC: School Board members
Re: September Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and
learning this month.

Staff development and Mondays: We used three of our five district directed
days prior to school starting this year. We spent time learning about the
“systems” of our new school which included a “field trip” with the staff around the
school and our nuts and bolts meeting. We also used some of our district time to
learn more about our personality “colors” and how that impacts our work with
others in the building. The final district day was led masterfully by Jason Cowley
and Shari Conditt. They have become very well training into the many
applications that Google has available, so we spent a day on our chrome books
exploring how to increase technology in the classroom. As for the Monday’s we
used the first several to plan out our Mondays for the year, giving the staff a very
active voice in how we should use our time. We have decided to split out time
between department collaboration, the new teacher evaluation system and
student interventions.


Other information: We are loving our new space, but we still are working out the
kinks with all our new environment. We did have to make a few minor
adjustments to our master schedule because of the influx of new students. We
have asked (and are paying) Kash Van Cleef and Matt Roos to teach during their
prep time and we also added a section of PE. To accomplish this, we changed a
teaching assignment of Mr. Hanley. As for the new building, we could not be
more pleased with how the student are interacting with the spaces and how well
the teaching staff is adjusting to the changed environment, including the window
which allow everyone to view into (and out of) classrooms. It was a great first
month and we look forward to a very positive school year.