Athletics Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

CC: School Board members

Date: October 12, 2015

Re: Fall Sports

HS Football

1. Varsity record (1-2 league, 2-3 overall)

i. Currently 5th in league

2. JV record (3-0 league, 3-1-1 overall)

3. 68 athletes are participating

HS Volleyball

1. Varsity record (4-1 league, 5-2 overall)

i. Currently in 2nd place in league

2. JV record (1-4 league, 3-4 overall)

3. 29 athletes are participating

HS Girls’ Soccer

1. Varsity record (1-4 league, 4-5 overall)

i. Currently in 6th place in league

2. JV record (1-4 league, 4-4 overall)

3. 36 athletes are participating

HS Cross Country

1. 27 athletes are participating

i. Our girls’ team placed 3rd at the Montesano Invitational last week

ii. Both teams will be attending the George Fox XC Classic this weekend – over 100 schools will be there and we
are hoping for some fast times

iii. We are hosting the district cross country championships at Lewis River Golf on Oct. 31, 2015

HS Boys’ Golf

1. Varsity record (2-2 league, 2-5 overall)

i. Currently in 3rd place in league

2. 10 athletes are participating

i. District tournament begins Monday, October 19, 2015

HS Dance and Cheer

1. Cheer has 10 fall participants

i. They had their jr. cheer camp September 25, 2015– it was a huge success

2. Dance has 10 fall participants

i. They have performed at half time for two football games and have put on a great show

MS Football

1. 8th grade record 4-0

2. 7th grade record 3-0

3. 47 athletes participating

MS Volleyball


1. 8th grade record 7-1

2. 7th grade record 5-3

3. C team record 1-7

4. 25 athletes participating (Three teams: 8th, 7th, and one blended) 

MS Golf and Cross Country

1. MS Golf has 3/8th grade and 2/7th grade participants

i. They participated in our first ever WMS match at RA Long

2. WMS Cross Country has 5 participants

i. They practice with our high school team and compete in a middle school race before high school races

ii. Every athlete has set PRs in the last two weeks! Their championship race is Oct. 21 in White Salmon