TEAM Report

To: Michael Green
From: Dan Uhlenkott
RE: TEAM High School Update
Date: October 12, 2015

Elly Veyera has resigned and in her place is Elizabeth Vallaire. So far has built solid relationships with students and is competent in science and math. She is highly qualified in science and is working towards getting highly qualified in math. So far she has been a good fit with Mary and Mia, both of whom are experienced and capable. Mia will be leaving us at semester. She is a fantastic teacher. We will miss her tremendously. Sarah Gray is doing an internship at TEAM High School this year. She hopes to gain knowledge and insight into alternative education and administration.

Upcoming Audit
Every three or four years TEAM will receive a full audit, just like every other alternative school in the state. We are not aware of the exact dates yet.

Every year our state association conducts an alternative learning workshop. Presently the date has not been set. When the date is determined our entire staff will attend as we find this one-day workshop valuable.