Director of Facilities and Safety Repot

To: Michael Green

From Scott Landrigan

Date: 9/23/15

Re: Facilities Report


Employee Training /Competency and Communication

Interviews were completed with about 75% of the Grounds, Maintenance and Custodial staff during my first full week on board.  I expect the interviews to be completed by 9/25.  It was made clear to me that the team has improvement opportunities in the areas of safety training, occupational training and establishing an effective means of communication. Bi-weekly training to address these issues will begin on the week of October 12 and will continue indefinitely thereafter. The goal will be to have an effective communication strategy, effective documented training and a clear understanding of the goals for the department and a plan to achieve those goals.



We are still wrapping up numerous projects throughout the district focused in two distinct areas. One being the physical security of the campuses, and secondly, the completion of the new high school. I have communicated with Five Rivers Construction, and asked them to complete a walk-through of their projects including WPS, LRA, WMS and the district office.  These projects deal, generally, with access to the sites and physical external security.  On the HS project, there are a number of punch-list and warranty items that still need to be addressed and completed; some of which are creating minor issues at school.  We will continue to work with Skanska to resolve these final issues.  


Radio Communication Plan

A kick off meeting is in the planning stages for a district radio communications policy and program.  Initially, a group will be formed to define the needed communication groups. After the talk groups are identified, equipment will be specified to meet the communication needs. All communication needs for the district will be identified and addressed, including the interface with Emergency Management Services. An initial email was sent out by Tegan, to identify the designees from the building who will add information to a Google Doc to figure out the building talk groups.  Then a meeting will be held to discuss the information and to form a plan.  It is important to act quickly on this project as the grant for this project ends in the first quarter of 2016.  We are piggy backing on a grant from the Kalama Fire District for funds.


Optimizing CMMS

Our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is currently being utilized only for work order generation. My goal moving forward will be to fully expand the preventive maintenance module of the system to provide an effective preventive maintenance program for all the district assets.  Once the system is fully developed, management reports can be driven from the system to aid in budgeting and labor planning. The system also has the capability to manage parts, suppliers and cost.


Campus and Building Assessments

Requests have been sent out to all schools to conduct detailed inspection of each campus. These inspections will be completed on a weekly basis, with the fist inspections to be completed this week and early next week. The goal is to identify all safety, health and environmental concerns, issues relating to the quality of instruction, (lighting temperature, space planning) and other basic repairs. The goal for the first walk thru is to identify and document issues at each campus. From that we can create work orders (WO’s) in “SchoolDude” and prioritize the repairs. I would like to initially schedule one hour per week/school, until the majority of issues are identified and prioritized. After that, we can ratchet down on the inspection frequency to a more reasonable rate once most of the issues are identified.   My goal is to get all deficiencies identified and documented. Once that is done, then we will simply prioritize and schedule repairs.  Subsequent inspections will start with a review of the Work Orders generated from the previous week, and a reprioritization of WO’s.


Physical security

Much emphasis has been placed on improving the physical security at all campuses. These improvements focused on a single point access and creating a closed (locked) campus. Initial observations of the program show that the physical security hardware is mostly in place, but training of the staff, students and contractors needs to improve.   While conducting walk-through’s at each campus, I was easily able to access each site through open loading dock doors, maintenance shops or other external doors that were found open and unattended.  I will bring this topic to the Admin. Team meeting on 9/29.