2015 State Assessment Results

Assessment Results:


Last year we participated in the first administration of the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The assessment measures student abilities to complete complex tasks and apply knowledge. In September, families received results for their children’s performance on the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments in both math and English Language Arts. The results show how each child is progressing toward college and career readiness.


Woodland Public Schools received the following results:

Woodland Public Schools 2015 SBA Results

When you review the 11th grade math scores please be aware they are an inaccurate picture of student performance, as only 41 students participated in this assessment. This is because many chose to participate instead to participate in the End of Course Math Exams. Last year, the 11th grade students did not need to take the SBA as part of their graduation requirements, and many chose not to participate as a result.


It is important to recognize that these scores are not the only source of information on our student achievement. In our district, we focus as heavily, if not more so, on frequent, formative, classroom-based assessments that help guide our instruction. Information gained from SBA results, as well as these other district and classroom-based assessments and activities, help principals and teachers plan and guide instruction. Administrators will use the information to plan professional learning for teachers and to help identify, promote, and support successful programs, effective curriculum, and instructional strategies.

Most importantly, however, is that our focus on student achievement involves helping our students learn to be contributing members of society and lifelong learners, pursuing their passions, and interests in an ever-changing world. Assessment data is just one part of the information that we use to guide student learning and growth.

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