Woodland Public Schools announces changes to all students' bus routes for 2015-16 school year

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Woodland Public Schools announces changes to Student Bus Routes
Parents and students can find their bus routes online www.kwrl.org

Woodland Public Schools wants to make parents and students aware that changes have been made to all bus routes for the upcoming school year including changes to pickup and drop-off times as well as the routes themselves.

Parents may use any of the following methods in order to find their student’s bus route:

  1. Use the Bus Route Matrix located at www.kwrl.org. Simply click on the link for “Woodland Routes.”
  2. Email the student’s name and current address to barnetts@kwrl.org.
  3. Call KWRL directly at (360) 225-8075.

Please note that all Woodland buses will carry signs identifying the building(s) where the bus will be transporting students.

The bus routes were changed in order to accommodate the addition of the new Woodland High School. A committee made up of staff and community members selected the new hybrid model which was used to alter the existing routes.

If parents or community members have questions, they may contact KWRL at (360) 225-8075.