Please Ratify Small Works Change Order #01

With the multiple Safety improvement projects occurring in Woodland Middle School and Woodland Primary School, we have had a number of construction change directives that came up early in the project.  With remodel projects, it is very usual for a high number of changes to occur as you encounter various unknown conditions and hazards.

The first change order has been signed and approved by the superintendent under authority granted by the school board, and the superintendent is seeking formal ratification of the change order by the board.

The Change order covers 17 items and totals $43,317.83.

Items 1 ($3992.71); 4 ($6580.49); 11 ($8109.11); 17 ($440.56) all deal with unknown asbestos related issues in both the Middle School and Primary School.

Items 2 ($468.56); 5 ($371.25); 7 ($1340.28); 12 ($265.68) all deal with unusual and unanticipated wall conditions that were exposed during demolition.

Items 3 ($1509.37); 10 ($990.52); 14 ($778.53); 16 ($355.78) all deal with unanticipated corrections for hidden conditions that were exposed when walls were removed.

Item 6 (5329.95) was a request of the WPS office staff after bid to extend the plastic laminate into the high traffic hallway for durability and appearance reasons.

Items 8 ($7,918.68), 9 ($2771.04) each deal with noncompliant or not functioning systems at WPS.

Item 13 ($1756.72) was an additional cost associated with irregular door depths required by differences in frame depths required by unanticipated wall conditions.  

Item 15 ($318.60) is for an additional POE data drop in the District Office.



Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we ratify Small Works Change order #01 as presented"

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