Administrative Reorganization for 15-16

Discussion will include plans for reorganization of K-4 under a single prinicpalship with the idea of creating continuity in program for students across those grades as we break up our primary school into narrower grade bands.  Alongside the principal we would have two "Building Manager TOSAs" who would carry a significant part of the managment load, allowing for the prinicpal to invest deepling in leadership of the educaitonal program.


Additionally, the board will review proposals for two positions:


1) Director of Facilities and Safety (to replace retiring maintenance and custodial supervisor, Bill Hanson)

2) Coordinator of Communications and Community Outreach (a new position to the district, currently we contract with ESD for communicaitons services, formerly we had a position of Community Educaiton Manager)


Attached is a draft organizational chart that shows these positions in the context of the rest of the organizaiton.



Attached Files:
DRAFT Building Manager TOSA.pdf 196KB application/pdf
DRAFT Communicaitons and Community Outreach Coordinator.pdf 40KB application/pdf
DRAFT Director of Facilities and Safety.pdf 55KB application/pdf
DRAFT Org Chart.pdf 540KB application/pdf