Assistant Superintendent Report


The Move: As we near the end of the school year, we are finalizing the plans for the BIG move. To ensure the coordination of the summer plan, I have organized the following leadership team: Steve Rippl, Kelley Wilson, Nicole Galloway, Stacy Brown, and Paul Huddleston. Together, we have developed a summer calendar that outlines the moves, the cleaning and maintenance, construction projects, summer programs and technology set-up for each location. As you can imagine, we have a lot of moving parts. However, I am confident that working together, we can ensure we work with one another instead over the top of one another. To this point, we have communicated the following information about the move to all staff as they prepare for the move.


Thank you all for your tremendous patience throughout the entire reconfiguration process. As we draw close to the end of the school year, please consider the following and plan accordingly.

1. Packing Instructions: Please review the attached check out instructions. End of year check out needs to be completed on or before June 26th this year. This summer we'll have a tight schedule for moving, cleaning, and setting up technology. Once campuses are closed on June 26th we ask that you not return until you receive an email indicating your campus is ready.

2. Safety Tips: Safety is important! Attached are some tips to remember while packing and stacking. Know your limitations and please let your principal know what assistance you need.

3. Maintenance: Sooner Rather than Later: Please take a moment to review your room. If there are any maintenance/repairs that need to be made we'd like to get a jump on them and have a majority done before school is out. Please submit work requests via this link to School Dude

4. Purchasing: All purchasing needs to be completed prior to May 15th. Do not plan to have shipments arrive over the summer months (they could get lost in the shuffle). If you have a unique circumstance please consult your principal and Stephanie Patterson.

5. LAST round of surplus: (I feel like I've said this before...;). A final surplus spreadsheet will be sent out soon. Please record any last items you stumble across as you pack up. We have special WHITE labels for these items and boxes. They will be set aside and we'll run another sale after school starts next year.

6. Mailing Addresses: Changing mailing subscriptions for next year?  See below

New HS Address: Woodland High School 1500 Dike Access Road, Woodland 98674

New MS (Old HS) Address: 757 Park Street, Woodland 98674

WIS 2250 Lewis River Rd, Woodland, WA 98674

WPS 600 Bozarth Ave, Woodland, WA 98674

New DO Location (Old MS office): 755 Park Street, Woodland WA 98674

Lastly, as per our agreement with the WEA all certificated staff moving shall be paid two additional days. This additional pay will appear on the July pay check.

As soon as your campus is transitioned and ready for your return you will get an email notifying you. Until then, enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

Assessment Operations: Schools have begun taking the state assessments, and many students are working hard. Thus far, the technical administration of the online assessments has gone very smoothly. Knowing the topic of state assessments has become a major focus for students and families, we have shared the following message with our community.

This spring our students are encountering the new state-mandated standardized tests. The results will give our teachers and administrators valuable information about whether we are meeting our students’ academic needs and how we can improve teaching in our classrooms. They also will give us a sense of how our students are progressing in their learning.

But student success is defined by so much more than just one test. If families want to know how well their students are doing, they should look at weekly assignments, unit tests, report cards and the communications they have with their students’ teachers. Those are the best sources of information for how students are progressing; not a single standardized test.

Some of our teachers share a video with their classes before testing begins. It’s called “This Test Does Not Define You.” We invite you to share it with your students at home, and assure them that whether they end up with a low score or high, they should never, ever think the outcome of these tests will determine their future.

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