Woodland teachers remaining in class

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Teachers in many school districts across the state have decided to protest the state Legislature's inaction to fully fund public education, as was required by the state Supreme Court in its 2012 McCleary decision.

Woodland’s teachers are remaining in the classroom. Below is a statement from the Woodland Education Association:

“What does “paramount duty” mean? The framers of Washington State’s Constitution asserted that the state of Washington’s paramount duty was to fully fund basic education for its students. The Woodland Education Association’s Executive Board recognizes the failure of the state legislature to uphold its promise to the students, parents and teachers of our state. Our colleagues across the state and in neighboring districts have recently decided to exercise political power by participating in rolling one day walk-outs as a way to call attention to the broken promises from our legislators. We applaud their decision and respect their members in taking this stand for our students. We also respect the Woodland community and know that such a decision vastly impacts our school families. After much discussion, the Woodland Education Association Executive Board unanimously voted to continue to support our students by remaining in the classroom. We will work to empower our members to directly contact their state legislators and will provide time and resources to support teachers in this manner. We urge our community to join us in contacting state legislators in the hope that our unified voices will echo within the halls of our great state capitol.”