WIS earns state achievement award

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For the third year in a row Woodland Intermediate School has won a Washington Achievement Award. The school is being honored in the category of High Progress for 2014.

“I wish the award could have every staff member and student name on it,” said WIS principal Chris Wiseman. “Everybody plays a role.”

WIS students celebrate their testing success in 2014 with Woodland Mayor Grover Laseke and past Interim Police Chief Bill Mahoney.

Wiseman said his 51-member staff has banded together over the past eight years to do cutting-edge work in scheduling, developing daily school-wide academic intervention blocks, deepening staff understanding of instructional differentiation and maintaining a multi-year academic focus. The school also has implemented multiple social-emotional support programs that have positively impacted students not only socially but academically as well.     

WIS also won School of Distinction awards in 2007 and 2008.

The High Progress honor is awarded to the top 10 percent of schools where the all-students group makes the most progress in reading and math over three years. The Progress Score is computed by adding an Achievement Score and an Improvement Score.

The award seems to reflect the philosophy behind WIS’s achievement assemblies, in which the whole school gathers to acknowledge both student successes and improvements.

“It’s not all about being the best,” Wiseman said. “It’s about being an individual and getting better.”

WIS and the other 400 award-winning Washington schools will be honored at a ceremony April 28 at Spanaway Lake High School in Bethel School District.

“The Achievement Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge the school communities who have made the greatest difference in the lives of Washington students,” said State Board of Education Chairwoman Isabel Muñoz-Colón. “The State Board hopes to use this opportunity to share schools’ results and their stories so that we can replicate their great work in other areas of the state.”

When the new Achievement Award banner arrives at WIS, it will quickly join the banners from 2012 and 2013 that are hanging in the school’s entryway.

“It’s a reminder of what hard work and dedication can bring you,” Wiseman said.