Ratification of Change Orders 21, 22, & 23

Under the authority granted to me by board policy, I have approved three change orders over the last three weeks.  I am seeking board ratification of these three change orders.


Change Order 21 $37,436

  • CCD 005 – This change is to compensate the contractor for excavating through the geogrid to install utilities that were within the grid near the building.
  • CCD 099 – There were open spaces under the treads at the stair near Administration.  These openings which had access to the space behind the adjacent wall would be problematic in that debris (trash, banana peels, etc.) could be put in these holes.  This change was to install gypsum board to the underside of the stair to close off these holes.
  • CCD 112 – This added galvanized uni-strut and concrete foundations to provide a place to mount an electrical panel near the baseball field.
  • CCD 113 – Provide power to the Aux. Gym indoor batting cage to raise and lower the nets. Not show on drawings.
  • CCD 114 – Provide, program, and install additional controls for the boiler circulation pump start/stop control and air fan in Boiler Room. Not shown on drawings.
  • CCD 116 – Provide wood trim around fire extinguishers and other items at the wood wall paneling.  Not detailed or shown on drawings.
  • CCD 117 – Add additional coat of paint beyond what was specified to correct appearance problems on the west wall of the Commons.
  • CCD 118 – Change tiles at locker room shower floors for smaller tiles to improve traction and safety in showers.
  • COP 062 – Provide metal inserts in floor electrical boxes at Shared Activity Area. Floor boxes were specified incorrectly and did not sit flush and caused a tripping hazard.
  • COP 063 – Provide metal flashing at the top of concrete block walls at the grandstand. No flashing shown on drawings
  • COR 172 – Provide steel angles at the floor seismic joint to hold the joint cover. No support shown on drawings.
  • COR 276 – Provide power to the multi-station hand washing sink at CTE shop. The sink has a hands free electronic start and requires power.  Power not shown on drawings.
  • COR 293 – Provide tackable wall surface to the hallway entrance to the library. Tackable surface was requested by the staff and the original solution was to provide premade tack boards.  Electrical outlets conflicted with the premade tack boards so a field applied tackable surface, similar to elsewhere in the building, was installed.
  • COR 303 – Revise game line painting on the gym floor.
  • COR 312 – Provide additional HVAC duct dampers to provide access to control actuators. Original dampers were not accessible.

Change Order 22  $14,688

  • CCD 045 – Provide additional flashing to the heads of exterior doors to improve water tightness. This was beyond what was shown on the drawings and was an improvement to original caulk detail.
  • CCD 046 – Provide power to dishwasher and ice maker in Room 2401. Power not shown on drawings.
  • CCD 068 – Revise depth and thickness of ticket booth foundations to avoid water and storm sewer lines.
  • CCD 092 – Revise ceiling soffit at Stair 01 to enclose duct work and piping and align with adjacent structure.
  • COR 315 – Add power to overhead Door 1401FB at CTE Shop. Power support shown on drawings.
  • COR 320 – Add gypsum wall board to exterior wall Storage Room 107 in Grandstand and change wall board type to impact resistant type. Gypsum board not shown on drawings.
  • COR 325 – Provide wood trim around exhaust hood/microwave duct. Trim not shown on drawings.

Change Order 23  $21,835

 • This is for the addition of asphalt in the visitor bleacher area of the field. This was discussed at the last meeting of the board.



Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  "I move we ratify the approval of Change Orders 21,22 and 23"

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