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WPS Board Report 

3rd Grade Smarter Balanced Assessment

This week, 3rd grade students are taking the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments in Math and English Language Arts. The interim assessments are one of the three major components of the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.  Teachers will then use the interim assessment results to gauge student progress toward mastery of the skills measured by the end of the year summative assessment and to assess targeted concepts. The interim assessment uses the same blueprint as the end of the year summative assessments, assess the same range of standards, and provide scores on the same scale



During the week of February 9th, all teachers met with school leadership to look at student learning data and discuss student learning and achievement.  Over 80% of all students have and continue to meet weekly student learning goals as measured by teacher and curriculum developed common assessments. The 20% still needing to master the learning participate in intervention that is provided daily by each grade level team.  In addition, teachers shared their excitement towards the focus on student learning the weekly team collaboration provides.  Most of the  teacher comments collected are similar to the following:

  • “I have never felt so focused in my entire career in education.”
  • “This has been hard work, but it has been the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.  My students are mastering standards.  They are learning.”
  • “I can’t imagine working any other way.”  “My students are learning so much more than I ever expected.”



Our Positive Behavior Intervention System is having an impact.  Weekly, our PBIS team meets to discuss the data we collect daily on student behavior.  We use the data to collaborate and identify ways to increase positive student behavior.  Our new strategies and implementation monitoring is changing the ways students behave.  In just the last two months alone, we have had a 40% decrease in student behavior referrals.   From March 4th - 6th, part of the PBIS team is in Eugene learning at the PBIS Conference.  We look forward to applying the new learning our team plans to bring back.