Superintendent Report

Bond Refunding Opportunity:  At the next meeting we will present to the board the opportunity to save taxpayers money through the sale of refunding bonds that will replace debt that carries a higher rate of interest.  Attached is a Schedule of Events which will be reviewed with you at that meeting.


Status of KWRL Agreement:  To-date Ridgefield's school board has failed to approve the amended language that carries over from the letter of agreement.    The KWRL Superintendents have discussed this and have been advised that the letter of agreement that the language change comes from has the same effect.  Ridgefield has said that they want to work on, and propose some alternate language and we have yet to see this.  


Superintendent Evaluation: It is time for the board to work on my annual review.   Please be prepared to discuss how you would like to proceed.

Attached Files:
SOE Woodland SD 022015.pdf 57KB application/pdf