Policy Discussion: Policy 1400

At the January 26 Board meeting the board discussed modifications to policy 1400 which was a combination and modificaiton of current policy 1400, 1410, 1420, and 1430. (Information from that board item is HERE)   There was discussiion of several elements and suggestions for modificaiton from single board members, without agreement by the whole board.  


President Watts has suggested we bring the policy back and wordsmith it so the board can agree on modificaitons.   


Director Donald asked for information on what other school districts did, particluarly in regard to Rules of Order.  Tegan reviewed policy for Camas, Caste Rock, Evergreen, Hockinson, Kalama, Kelso, Longview, Ridgefield, Toutle, Vancouver and Washougal.   all districts, with the exception of Vancouver, used the WSSDA Policy 1400.  All districts specificed "Robert's Rules of Order (Revised)" as their protocol.

The board may wish to review the WSSDA publicaiton on Robert's Rules.  WSSDA also has web-based resources.

Reference was made at the last board meeting to a training known as Jurrassic Parliment