LRA Report

RE Lewis River Academy:


Enrollment Increase:

Last month we saw a large boom in enrollment at LRA.  We have 11 new students this semester!  We are now up to 45 students in our K-8 program, and 23 students in our 9-12 program with a total of 67 students.

Reconfiguration and LRA:

As our program has grown significantly we are considering the most effective ways to maintain our programs. In order to provide the most supportive learning model we intend to continue providing a blended program for our 9-12 students. The blended learning experience combines independent learning online with onsite support from staff. As our school has grown we are finding it increasingly difficult to share a space because it limits our capacity to provide support to each age group. If the younger kids are onsite it’s hard for the older kids to concentrate and vice-versa. As we considered the move we explored the option of locating the program in two places, the K-8 shifting to where the district office presently is, and the 9-12 program shifting to an available room in the new high school. As John and Mark explored this possibility further they found there were other benefits to this that made it worth pursuing. We then met with the parents in our program to get their input. They were supportive of locating the programs in separate locations.