WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School
Monthly Update
January 2015

During the Month of January two of our three Monday mornings focused on Engage NY math. The third Monday had an Extension Block focus. In addition to our Monday morning professional development opportunities LeAnne Strickler, Heidi Rhodes and Tara Eilts spent all of January 8th visiting every classroom during our math blocks. The three followed up by conferencing with each of the teachers on January 9th. During the conferences they discussed observations made during the visit, offered suggestions associated with Engage NY instruction, answered questions and provided feedback.

Throughout the 2014/15 school year 31 of our scheduled 45 opportunities for professional development have aligned with our two areas of building wide professional focus, Engage NY math and the Extension Block. Our staff has done a great job of maintaining and supporting our professional focus.

As we move into February planning and scheduling for spring SBA testing, student placement, and reconfiguration will become more of a priority.

On February 10th Heidi Rhodes will be facilitating a second family math night at WIS.